The Perfect Jeans For Every Budget


We all love, ” A pair of jeans that fit just right”. Finding that one pair of jeans that make you feel your best, is like finding that best friend who just understands you. I am breaking down every trendy jean with a variety of brands, for every budget in mind.

The Straight leg

I find the straight leg is most flattering for my body type and the most comfortable as well. For those of you who ask ” Amanda, where do you buy your jeans?” My answer: ASOS. I love Asos for a variety of reasons. For starters, they never photoshop their models. Their Asos Design label is affordable and comfortable. You can also find maternity, plus, tall, and petite sizes. Below are some from ASOS and a few other options from different brands.

Mom Jeans

I am such a sucker for this 90’s trend. These jeans look great with a pair of white sneakers and a statement top.

Skinny Jeans

High waisted Skinny Jeans are never a bad option! Here are some of my favorites.

Bootcut Jeans

This trend is making a come back! Looks great with a sleek bodysuit or a chunky sweater and boots.


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